Almond Milk Press Juicer

Are you looking for a premium almond milk juicer? The Fresh Press FP100 model can be used as an Almond milk press which will work efficiently on your behalf and serve your customers with the finest tasting cold pressed almond milk! Not only that, but it also makes wicked juices out of any fruit or vegetable you throw into it.

Benefits of Cold Pressed Almond Milk

Cold pressed almond milk is one of the drinks becoming widely popular amongst consumers who are conscious about their health and diet. This is because it is a source of gaining all the benefits related to almond milk. When this almond milk is extracted using an almond milk press, all the nutrients are preserved and the resulting drink has a high nutritive value.

Cold pressed almond milk has the following benefits:

  • Good for heart and health – it helps in enhancing your lifestyle by making it healthier
  • Good for bones – it makes them strong
  • Good for skin – it gives it a natural glow
  • Good drink for diabetic patients since it is low in sugar content
  • Makes your muscles stronger
  • Prepares your body for quick healing in case of an injury
  • Manages your digestive systems and helps with quick digestion of food
  • Tastes amazing and is easy to make!

Cold Pressed Almond Milk

Using the FP100 as an almond milk press means your customers are getting a protein-rich drink and a tasty alternative for all those who prefer it to regular old dairy milk.

If you have included almond milk as part of your café menu, then make sure you place an order for our almond milk press. It will help you extract almond milk easily as well as efficiently. This means reduced noise and increased quantity!

Nut Milk Press

Our almond milk press is easy to operate, clean and maintain. It comes with pulp extractor so you can be sure that your customers will enjoy a pulp free and froth free drink. All the parts are of top quality; this helps in elongating the life of your commercial juicer while serving large quantities. With the ease of maintenance and its durability, you are sure to get good value for your money from this product.

If you want to enjoy homemade cold pressed almond milk, then give us a call at The Fresh Press. We can provide you a juicer that will help you blend the perfect almond milk effectively and efficiently! The color, taste, texture and the fragrance is sure to leave you feeling refreshed and re-energised!