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Almond Milk Press

If you’re like many businesses that are adding almond milk to the menu, we have the perfect solution. The Fresh Press Co create high-end commercial machines that are purpose designed to extract the nutrients and natural goodness of almonds. Able to handle both small and larger quantities, our Australian-made almond milk press is efficient, effective and easy to use.

We utilise cutting edge cold press technology that both retains the natural quality of almonds, while also producing milk that is vibrant and full of flavour. Whether you run a local cafe, restaurant, hotel or mobile coffee cart, our press allows you to create a steady supply of fresh almond milk for a wide variety of different purposes.

Our almond mike press products fully comply with the standards set by the Australian Food Services Industry. 

The Innovation of Almond Milk Production

Based in Melbourne, The Fresh Press Co is proudly Australian owned and operated. Our in-house design team works tirelessly to push the boundaries of innovation to reinvent the process of almond milk production. Our designs combine state-of-the-art technology with a focus on maximum extraction and nutritional value. 

Almond milk has quickly become a popular alternative to traditional dairy milk. The Fresh Press Co.’s almond milk press is designed not only to cater to this growing demand, but also allow commercial operators to keep up with demand and produce healthy quantities of almond milk.

The Advanced Features of our Almond Milk Juicer

Our almond milk juicer comes with a range of dynamic features and design components. This includes everything from an advanced hydraulic system to food-grade plastic parts that significantly reduce the risk of chemical leakage into the milk. The almond milk juicer is also hygienic, safe and easy to clean.

We understand that manoeuvrability of machinery is very important, which is why the juicer is mounted on castor wheels that are mobile and flexible. With the capacity to produce an impressive volume of almond milk per hour, our juicer is a must have for any commercial business that needs to generate high-quality almond milk.

Australia’s Number One Almond Milk Press

Want to make your very own almond milk? You’ve come to the perfect place. From Melbourne to Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide, our commercial grade juicers and presses are used by businesses across Australia.

From cafes to restaurants and juice bars, we take great pride in helping our customers to adapt and produce their very own almond milk with ease. In fact, our commitment to quality design has even made The Press Co products popular in numerous nations across the world. Imagine that!

Stay Ahead of the Curve with an Almond Milk Juicer

The Fresh Press Co’s almond milk press is designed to cater to the continually evolving demands of Australia’s culinary scene. Our locally made almond milk press meets all the standards set by the Australian Food Services Industry and can be used in a wide variety of different commercial settings.

If you’re thinking of making almond milk in-house, we guarantee that there’s no better product on the market. With user-friendly controls, durable materials and a natural extraction process, Fresh Press Co juicers are truly a one of one. 

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How to Use The Almond Milk Press For Maximum Efficiency

If you’re about to use our almond milk press, the first step is to soak the almonds overnight before. The cold press technology then efficiently extracts the nutrient-rich milk, while the waste product is automatically separated. This streamlined process significantly reduces the time and effort needed to produce large volumes of almond milk daily.

Experience the difference that an Australian made, high quality cold pressed juicer can make to your business. Contact us at The Fresh Press Co. for more information. Invest in quality, invest in the future of your business.

Benefits of Cold Pressed Almond Milk

Cold pressed almond milk is one of the drinks becoming widely popular amongst consumers who are conscious about their health and diet. This is because it is a source of gaining all the benefits related to almond milk. When this almond milk is extracted using an almond milk press, all the nutrients are preserved and the resulting drink has a high nutritive value.

Cold pressed almond milk has the following benefits:

  • Good for heart and health – it helps in enhancing your lifestyle by making it healthier
  • Good for bones – it makes them strong
  • Good for skin – it gives it a natural glow
  • Good drink for diabetic patients since it is low in sugar content
  • Makes your muscles stronger
  • Prepares your body for quick healing in case of an injury
  • Manages your digestive systems and helps with quick digestion of food
  • Tastes amazing and is easy to make!
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Cold Pressed Almond Milk

Using the FP100 as an almond milk press means your customers are getting a protein-rich drink and a tasty alternative for all those who prefer it to regular old dairy milk.

If you have included almond milk as part of your café menu, then make sure you place an order for our almond milk press. It will help you extract almond milk easily as well as efficiently. This means reduced noise and increased quantity!

Nut Milk Press

Our almond milk press is easy to operate, clean and maintain. It comes with pulp extractor so you can be sure that your customers will enjoy a pulp free and froth free drink. All the parts are of top quality; this helps in elongating the life of your commercial juicer while serving large quantities. With the ease of maintenance and its durability, you are sure to get good value for your money from this product.

If you want to enjoy homemade cold pressed almond milk, then give us a call at The Fresh Press. We can provide you a juicer that will help you blend the perfect almond milk effectively and efficiently! The color, taste, texture and the fragrance is sure to leave you feeling refreshed and re-energised!

Frequently Asked Questions for Almond Milk Press in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane

Q1: How does the almond milk press by The Fresh Press Co. revolutionise almond milk production in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane?

A1: The almond milk press revolutionises almond milk production by using state-of-the-art technology to ensure maximum extraction. It caters to the growing demand for a healthier, non-dairy alternative and surpasses customer expectations with its fresh, unbeatable taste.

Q2: What are the advanced features of the almond milk juicer offered by The Fresh Press Co?

A2: The almond milk juicer by The Fresh Press Co. is equipped with an advanced hydraulic system that enables the creation of nutrient-packed almond milk. It’s built with food-grade plastic parts, reducing the risk of chemical leakage and is easy to clean. The juicer is mobile thanks to the mounted castor wheels, offering flexibility and efficiency.

Q3: How does the almond milk press cater to Sydney’s nutritious almond milk demand?

A3: The almond milk press by The Fresh Press Co caters to Sydney’s nutritious almond milk demand by optimising the production process ensuring high-quality almond milk output. With its advanced design, businesses can offer a delicious and nutritious alternative to the traditional dairy milk showcasing Sydney’s vibrant food scene.

Q4: How can I use the almond milk press for maximum efficiency in Brisbane?

A4: To use the almond milk press for maximum efficiency, first, soak the almonds overnight before placing them in the press. The press uses cold press technology for efficient extraction of the nutrient-rich milk, with the waste product automatically separated. This process significantly reduces the time and effort required for daily almond milk production in Brisbane.

Q5: How can investing in the almond milk juicer benefit my business in Melbourne?

A5: Investing in the almond milk juicer can bring numerous benefits to your business in Melbourne. In addition to catering to the growing demand for almond milk, the juicer can produce impressive volumes per hour, making it an essential device for commercial businesses. Furthermore, its advanced features can lead to the production of superior quality, nutrient-rich almond milk that can boost the status of your enterprise.