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Commercial Cold Press Juicer for Sale

At Fresh Press Co, we’ve been an industry leader in commercial cold press juicing equipment. since 2012. Today, we continue to be driven by a goal to create innovative, effective, and user-friendly commercial juice machines. 

What makes our products the best commercial cold press juicer for sale? Purpose designed for cafes and restaurants, Fresh Press Co machines allow you to extract the maximum amount of nutrients, enzymes and natural goodness from fresh produce.

All of our products are Australian made right here in Melbourne and sought after across the globe. To date, we’ve served customers everywhere from Chile to Denmark, Singapore, and many more.

The Innovation Behind Our Commercial Juice Machines

Our cold press juicer journey first began when a passionate juicer approached us with a common issue – a desperate need for a juice presser that could properly extract the maximum amount of nutrients from raw produce. Responding to this need, we engineered our flagship pressed juice machine, the ‘FP100’, which preserves the benefits of natural vitamins, minerals, and enzymes found in fruits and vegetables.

Our commercial grade cold press juice machines utilise a two-step process – first, the produce is shredded, and then hydraulically pressed. This method allows the user to capture a larger volume of juice, while also retaining more nutrients than traditional high-speed juicers.

The final result? A vibrant and nutrient-dense juice with minimal separation and discolouration. Shelf life is approx 72 hours depending on product freshness and temperature.From pineapples to leafy greens, nothing is too tough for our machines.

Whether you are searching for a cold press juicer in Australia or overseas, The Fresh Press Co is here to accommodate all of your needs with our signature all-in-one solution.

Almond Milk Press

Adding almond milk to your menu? Our cutting-edge almond milk press is the perfect solution. Our almond mike press complies with all the current Australian Food Services Industry.

Standards, and can handle various quantities with ease!

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Slow Cold Press Juicer

Whether you’re a health food store owner looking to add a new line of products to your range, or an entrepreneur wanting to join the growing juice store industry, a slow press juicer is certainly a wise investment!

Slow press juicers use a two step process of shredding and hydraulic pressing to extract liquids from fruit, vegetables, nuts and leaves. When compared to the high-speed spinning blades of a traditional juicer, this process retains more nutrients and produces more juice from the same amount of raw material. Plus, thanks to a reduced oxidation rate, cold pressed juices can be stored for up to 72 hours with little separation of solids and liquids or discolouration.

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The LF-500 

Professional Speed Filler for Your Pressed Juice Machine

Once you’ve invested in a pressed juice machine, you’ll need a filler to make adding your product to bottles or jars easier. The Fresh Press Co’s single head piston filler, the LF-500, is the perfect solution.

Made from stainless steel food-grade, the LF-500 has:

  • A 50-500ml fill range
  • Quick clean parts
  • Superior reliability with auto-fill settings
  •     A small footprint for shopfronts

Our LF-500 model can dispense liquids like juices and nut milks, and even pastes like nut butters. It also has a manual-adjust volume control that allows for easy adjustment whether it is being used on foot-pedal or automatic function.

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The FP100 Cold Press Juice Machine

Easy to Use and Easier to Maintain

The FP100 cold press machine is user-friendly and comes with an easily accessible touch screen control. Known for its easy-to-clean feature, we’ve designed our small cold press juicer with the user in mind.

Each commercial juice machine features food-grade plastic, a top-mounted shredder and mounted castor wheels that allow you to move the juicer from place to place. The FP100 also has a 15-tonne pressing capability, with everything wrapped in stainless-steel to maintain high hygiene standards.

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Leading Press Juicer Suppliers in Australia

From humble beginnings in Melbourne, The Fresh Press Co. has quickly become one of the most sought after pressed juicer suppliers in Australia. From Sydney to Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and everywhere in between, we are proud to contribute to the thriving hospitality and health food sectors.

Off the back of innovation and ingenuity, we have also expanded our reach to health-conscious operators across the globe. Today, our Australian made and engineered juice machines have created a worldwide buzz that continues to grow and grow.

Fresh Press Parts Information

Why Choose The Fresh Press Co. For Commercial Juicers?

What makes us the leading choice for commercial juicers in Australia?

  • Australian Owned and Operated: We’re a fully Australian owned and operated company. Choosing us means supporting a local business and quick replacement parts or repairs.
  • Internationally Trusted: We’ve supplied juicers to Chile, Denmark, Singapore, Indonesia, New Zealand and more.
  • Highly Capable Juicers: Even tough plant matter like pineapples, leafy greens and nuts are no match for our juicers!
  • Product Innovation: We are constantly testing and improving our juicers and fillers, making sure you receive cutting-edge technology.
  • Free Tests: Visit our showroom at 11-19 Boundary Road, Laverton North for a free demonstration from our staff.

Take the plunge with The Fresh Press Co.’s top range pressed juice machine and witness the revolution in your juice quality, taste and production efficiency. For a free demonstration, call us on 03 93142511 or fill out our online contact form.

Frequently Asked Questions for Pressed Juice Machines in Melbourne

Q1: What makes the Fresh Press Co.’s pressed juice machine the best cold press juicer in Melbourne?

A1: Our pressed juice machines utilise a unique two-step process of shredding and hydraulic pressing which preserves maximum nutrients and provides a higher juice yield. The end product is a vibrant, nutrient-rich juice with minimal separation and a shelf life of up to 72 hours.

Q2: How easy is it to maintain and operate your cold press machine in Melbourne?

A2: Our juice presser machine, the FP100, is user-friendly with a touch screen control. It is renowned for being easy to clean, with simple disassembly of parts for convenient maintenance. The machine also includes food-grade plastic parts and a stainless-steel food grade build for maximum hygiene.

Q3: Can this cold press juicer in Australia handle tough fibres and nuts?

A3: Yes, our robust cold press juicer in Melbourne can handle tough fibres from produce like pineapples, kale, and spinach, as well as nuts. It is versatile enough for nut milk and butter production.

Q4: Does Fresh Press Co. offer other equipment to help in juice production?

A4: Yes, we know the importance of having a complete solution for your juice business. We offer the LF-500, a single head piston filler engineered for efficiency and precision. It operates using a foot pedal or automatic function and can dispense juices, nut milks, and even nut butters.

Q5: Can I purchase Fresh Press Co.’s small cold press juicer online?

A5: Yes, you can purchase our top-quality cold press juicer online, with the option of a free demonstration at our Melbourne showroom. We provide quality, service, and innovative products in addition to our flagship cold press juicers.