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Cold Press juicer

The best cold press juicer comes from The Fresh Press.

Cold press juice is completely natural. Providing all the benefits of fresh fruit and vegetables, without any interference from processing. The juice is squeezed right out of the fruit making it almost living and preserving all the antioxidants, nutrients vitamins and minerals.

Once you have tried juice from a cold press juice machine you won’t go back. You can taste and feel the difference.

Be amongst the first commercial eatery to offer the freshest and the most nourishing fresh fruits and vegetable juices by purchasing the best commercial cold press juicer available for sale by The Fresh PressAre you looking for a fine quality cold press juice machine for your home or commercial set-up? If you need a pressed juice machine, The Fresh Press is a specialist supplier and our range of cold press juicers are sure to amaze with their superior build quality, low maintenance and, of course, the top-quality juices they can create.

Cold press juice is quickly becoming a popular type of fresh juice amongst the more health-conscious juice consumers of modern day society. This is because it is far healthier than the packaged juice found at the supermarket, usually filled with preservatives, unnatural colouring and a heap of sugar.

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Why make juice from a cold-press juicer?

Cold press juice is better tasting since it is natural and pure without any heat treatment processing. It goes through a finer juicing process which preserves the real fruit and vegetable in the juice.

The fresh juice from our cold press machine will be pulp free and froth free – resulting in a much nicer drinking experience!

The pressed juice from our cold pressed juicer has a greater quantity and quality because the cold press juice machine extracts more juice, which results in less fruit and vegetable wastage.

Best Cold Pressed Juice Machine

Cold pressed juice from our juice press machine is truly natural and fresh, with all the essential vitamins and minerals that will help you live a happy and healthy life.

Get Cold Press Juicers for your Home and Commercial Set-Ups

When you make the change to a cold juice presser, your customers are going to experience a delightful change in the appearance, texture and the taste of the fresh juice they order. Once they start consuming cold press fresh juice, there’s no way they would want to go back to the supermarket stuff!

Juice Presser

Consuming juice from the cold juice presser will help you get increased vitamins and minerals you’re your customers can enjoy juice that is 100% fresh and healthy.

For more details regarding our cold pressed juicer, send us an email at The Fresh Press or contact us through our website!